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The Best of Everything 2010

It’s that time of year again—when the editors of D Home come together to nominate, argue, and, ultimately, pronounce judgment on our favorite people, places, and things in Dallas.

by the editors of D Home

Published 1.11.2010


image of cupcakes in Dallas
Best Food Trend: Cupcakes
photography by Maxine Helfman

Best Food Trend
We’ve heard all the hoopla about frozen yogurt and whoopie pies, but for our money, you still can’t beat the cupcake. They’re the perfect snack—petite and pretty—and the best (nonalcoholic) option for turning a frown upside down. (clockwise from top left) Society Bakery, The Perfect Slice, Rush Patisserie, Creme de la Cookie, Frosted Art, J Dorian Chocolatier, Tart Pastry Boutique & Studio, The Cupcakery.

image of First Impression kitchen
Best Kitchen Organizer: First Impression
photography by Candis McKinzie

Best Kitchen Organizer (right)
Could 50 percent of the drawers in your kitchen be classified as junk drawers? Candis McKinzie with First Impression will remedy that. She works with you to de-clutter, rearrange, and make your cooking experience as efficient as possible. And lest you have worries about going cold turkey on the junk drawers, don’t fret. She will leave you with one. (But just the one.)

Best Aprons (below)
Using muslin and recycled materials, Dallas designer Renee Ritter Graham creates lovely handmade aprons that make for the happiest of homemaking. Sold through her online Etsy shop Apron Anatomy, the aprons are almost too pretty. Can’t imagine we’ll be donning our sassy cover-up to make spaghetti sauce, for instance. Why risk a splatter?

image of Renee Ritter Graham's aprons from Apron Anatomy
Best Aprons: Renee Ritter Graham
photography by Maxine Helfman
image of The Wooden Spoon
Best New Epicurean Shop: The Wooden Spoon
photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Best New Epicurean Shop
If your knowledge of Scandinavian cuisine begins and ends with IKEA’s Swedish meatballs, then it’s time to visit The Wooden Spoon. Owners Gwen and Jim Workman have lovingly restored the oldest home in downtown Plano and stocked it full of hard-to-find goodies such as pepparkakor cookies and herring in dill sauce. Fresh blue and white houseware complete your Nordish adventure in the suburbs.