Thank you Haute Living for Naming Society Bakery one of the “Haute 5 Bakeries” in Dallas!

Sugar High:  The Haute Five Bakeries in Dallas

Sugar High: The Haute 5 Bakeries in Dallas

By Lauren Kent on August 24th, 2010
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Pssst….over here. You smell something? It’s freshness, coming to you live from the Dallas metroplex bakeries. If you’re looking for the creme de la creamy, here’s the best local spots.

Society Bakery

Roshi Muns knows buns. And cupcakes, cookies and all things fresh from the oven. In 2003 she founded Society Bakery, referring to their business model that gives back to society–over 85 charities, schools and non-profits, in fact. Basically, you can satiate your sweet tooth while you’re sweetening the soul. Does it get better than that?

Society Bakery, 3426 Greenville Avenue, 214.827.1411,