We had a BLAST Catering Sweets for Black Eyed Peas Party Friday Night and for Diddy Party Saturday Night!!!

We would like to not so humbly report that Society Bakery was repeatedly told by celebs and visitors from New York and LA “This is the best stuff I have ever put in my mouth”  And “Open in Los Angeles!”  “Open in New York!”  “Do you ship?” 

Texas is normally a “fly over state” for celebs and journalists so we do not get as much press or attention as other states so THANK YOU Jerry Jones for bringing national eyes and celebs to Dallas this past weekend even though you said the Cowboys mucked up their chances to play in the big game – we still love you for bringing the Superbowl here and giving us and tons of other local favorites an opp to show the nation that Texas DOES IT RIGHT and BIG!!!  Snow and ice be darned – people still left having a good time.  We saw it for ourselves.  And for the record – we thought the Black Eyed Peas performance on Sunday rocked and every journalist who says different can suck it with their meanness.  People like that are the same people that we are trying to counter with throwing good back into the world.

Here are some pictures we took while catering the Black Eyed Peas Party and Diddy Party Super Bowl Weekend:

Diddy Giving A Shout Out to Society Bakery (just kidding!)

The Situation who said "I love cupcakes!" and Society Bakery Owner, Roshi
Mark Sanchez, Quarterback for the New York Jets (Society Bakery Owner in the background 😉 ). Mark Sanchez is gracious and nice in person. We would happily personally deliver cupcakes and whoopie pies to him anytime.

Taboo asked Society Bakery to send cupcakes and whoopie pies to The Black Eyed Peas dressing room!