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Blogs posts related to charity work in the community like the North Texas Food Bank Drive, or recent donations. Posts could include charities you like, reminders to donate to Haiti or Chili relief funds, etc.

These Are Some of the Charities, Schools, and Non-Profits Society Bakery has Continually Donated To:


Society Bakery believes that a business can be profitable and charitable at the same time. We give back to “Society” because that is who we are. We believe it is everyone’s duty to humanity to give back. If we can influence others to do the same, especially children, then our mission is complete.  To donate, you do not need to be wealthy – just creative and compassionate.  We DO NOT take a tax write off on these donations.  What we get in return is the hope that we were able to help someone along the way.

Be Good to Your Sweet Tooth & Be Good to Society.

Society Bakery has donated to the following charities, schools, and non-profit organizations 2004-2013 (cash and in-kind), and many more:

What Society In Society Bakery Really Means (*Article Written by Lakewood Bubblelife)

Lakewood Bakery Sweetens Up Society

Walk into Society Bakery and it’s a little bit like stepping into a dessert-lover’s dream.

Scrumptious looking cupcakes sit perfectly aligned inside of glass display cases, just beckoning you to indulge in their decadence.   The tantalizing smells of freshly baked red-velvet whoopie pies and delicately frosted sugar cookies waft through the air and tease your taste buds.  Yes, this charming bakery is definitely a piece of paradise right here in Dallas.

And that’s really what Society Bakery owner Roshi Muns is trying to achieve; a paradise of sorts in her Lakewood neighborhood and throughout the DFW metroplex.

She’s working to accomplish that goal by lending an active, helping hand to her business’s namesake: society. The bakery’s motto of “Be Good to Your Sweet Tooth and Be Good to Society” is backed up by donations to over 100 charities, schools and organizations in the last year alone.

“Society Bakery believes in giving back to the community.  When local charities and schools ask us for help, we answer ‘yes’ almost 100 percent of the time,” Muns said.

There have been so many “yeses” in the forms of luscious whoopie pies and mouth-watering cupcakes that she hasn’t even assigned a retail value to all of last year’s donations.

“We donate every day. Thousands of dollars a month… One of our decorators said it felt like every third order she was doing was a donation,” she said.

Muns’ latest cause is the Interfaith Housing Coalition Drive, taking place at the Greenville location. For every two items donated from the school supply list, Society Bakery will give you a free cupcake of your choosing. (Up to 3 cupcakes per donation).  The event will run through August 17th and the supplies will go to help East Dallas children.

Helping those in need, like the children who will benefit from the school supply donations, should be a large focus of any local business, according to Muns.

“It makes me sick to think of how much money is wasted by people and especially businesses,” she said. “Those same dollars-or even time wasted-could make a very big difference in the life of a child-who without help might fall through the cracks and become a detriment to society, when they could have gone a different direction with guidance or resources and become an asset to society. We hope we can inspire other businesses and people in the community to give back.”

And she wants people and businesses to know that helping others can really be a piece of cake.

“It is really very easy. You do not need to be wealthy to be philanthropic-and by all means if you are wealthy, then you should be philanthropic,” she said.

Lakewood Bubblelife Article

Vogel Alcove Fundraiser

Society Bakery will be giving away free cupcakes in exchange for items donated that Vogel Alcove, a Dallas charity which focuses on homeless children, needs.

We will be giving away cupcakes through the end of April.  Please bring items listed below.  One item equals one cupcake except where noted.  Limit 6 cupcakes per group of customers per visit.

1.  New and gently used clothing for infants thru pre-school age

2. Age appropriate toys

3. Children’s books for early literacy

4. Strollers, cribs, infant bouncers (*count as a dozen cupcakes)

5. Quilts and blankets

6. Infant formula (Similac Advance)

7. Baby food (6 jars=1 cupcake)

8. Infant care items (Baby wipes, lotion, ointment, powder, bibs, pacifiers, wash cloths)

9. Diapers (Newborn thru potty training age sizes)

10. New underwear and socks (Size 2-6x) (3 pc pkg=1 cupcake)

11. Band-aids (2 pkgs=1 cupcake)

12. Batteries (AA and AAA)

Project Transformation and Animal Rescue of Texas Fundraiser Ends this Wednesday!

Please bring in items requested by these two wonderful charities and Society Bakery will give you cupcakes or whoopie pies in exchange!  This fundraiser will last through the end of November – which is Tuesday!

Click on link to see more detail

Society Bakery Fundraiser for Animal Rescue of Texas and Project Transformation

We asked Society Bakery Facebook Fans who we should donate to next and we got TONS of input!  We narrowed down the list, and you, our AWESOME customers and fans voted – and here are the winners for this upcoming month!

Joining the wonderful list of charities, non-profits and schools that Society Bakery has donated to over the last seven years: we are happy to announce that the fundraisers for Animal Rescue of Texas and Project Transformation will begin this Monday, September 27th and will last through the end of October. 

If you spend $1.50 on any one item that either group needs, you will receive a cupcake worth $2.95 (or priceless some people (Like Us) might say).  Please bring your receipt.  Limit 6 cupcakes per family. 

Also, Animal Rescue of Texas has mentioned that tax deductible receipts are available to our customers if you would like one.  Below are the items we are accepting:

Project Transformation

Craft Supplies Needed For the Children

Colored Markers, thick and thin line (3.99)

Crayons (larger than an 8 pack) (1.00-3.00)

Child-size scissors (1.00-2.00)

Construction Paper, Craft, or Scrapbook Paper pack (2.00-3.00)

Pipe Cleaners, all colors (1.00)

Googly-eyes for craft projects (1.00-3.00)

Popsicle Sticks (3.00)

Glue Sticks (2 pack or larger) (2.00)

Watercolor Paint Sets (1.00-5.00)

Animal Rescue of Texas 

Plush Dog Toys or KONG Toys (please no rubber toys other than Kong) (2.00 and up)

Step-In Harnesses, sizes small and medium (9.00 and up)

Quick Release Collars, sizes small and medium (9.00 and up)

Leashes (9.00-13.00)

Frontline Flea Prevention, all sizes

Bags of Rawhide/Chewies – the flat kind, please no knotted rawhides *chicken flavored Nyla Bones are good

Gift Certificates to Petco or Petsmart or Avenue Barket (on Greenville) *these will be used to purchase crates and items specific to an individual dog’s need such as a specific dog food

Advocate Magazine Preston Hollow

Society Bakery open at Medical City

Remember that Society Bakery coming to Medical City I told you about back in October? Yeah, didn’t think so. Here’s the link. And though it’s been about six months in the making, the East Dallas bakery has officially branched out, recently opening its second location in the hospital’s building A atrium, which is appropriately near the children’s wing. Owner Roshi Muns says instead of hosting a grand opening party, plenty of sugary treats will be delivered to those pint sized patients.

If you haven’t experienced a cupcake from Society Bakery yet, you’re missing out. For me, the banana pudding cupcake topped with Nilla Wafers was love at first bite. And though I don’t have any scheduled visits to that hospital, just for the record: cupcakes always get higher marks than flowers and cards in my book.

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