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St. Patty Day and Easter Time at Society Bakery!

Order any of these St. Patty theme or Easter ideas from Society Bakery!  Or bring your own creative ideas!  Customers often have the BEST ideas and we love to work with your creative minds!

St. Patty Smiling Sugar Cookie
St. Patty Smiling Sugar Cookie
Society Bakery St. Patty Sugar Cookies
Society Bakery St. Patty Sugar Cookies
Society Bakery Easter Bunnies and Egg Sugar Cookies
Society Bakery Easter Bunnies and Egg Sugar Cookies
Society Bakery Tulips
Society Bakery Tulips
St. Patty and Easter at Society Bakery
St. Patty and Easter at Society Bakery
Society Bakery Rose Cupcakes
Society Bakery Rose Cupcakes


Society Bakery Rainbow Pot O’ Gold St. Patty Sugar Cookies

San Antonio Express Newspaper Article Features Society Bakery

Thank you for the article San Antonio Express.  And most of all, thank you to family in San Antonio for making this food truck dream a reality!

Meet Roshi Muns, Society Bakery SA

By Jessica Elizarraras
Updated 02:19 a.m., Saturday, July 14, 2012

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Roshi Muns owner of  Dallas-based Society Bakery. Photo: Scott Jenke / SA

  • Roshi Muns owner of Dallas-based Society Bakery.

    Photo: Scott Jenke / SA

More Information

Bakery info

Society Bakery SA will film its Eat St. segment from noon to 2 p.m. July 23, at the Boardwalk on Bulverde, 14732 Bulverde Road.

societybakery.com, @societybakerySA.

Segments for Rickshaw Stop, Say She Ate and Tapa Tapa Truck will be filmed July 22, July 21 and July 20.

When Roshi Muns took the plunge into mobile food vending, the owner of two Dallas-based Society Bakery locations decided to try San Antonio.

Society Bakery SA, a cherry red truck equipped with a full-oven and two A/C units, was built by the crew at Cruising Kitchens and can be found at the Boardwalk on Bulverde most weekends.

It’s staffed by Muns’ mother, Chris Sahebjamii, cousins Alex Pamplin and Vicki Hernandez and uncle Ed Solis, all of whom were happy to take on the mobile version of her already popular bakeries.

“(Having them on board) changed everything,” Muns says. “I had staff I could trust, and it would be awesome to see my grandma (who lives in San Antonio) at more than just Christmas and Thanksgiving.”

Society Bakery SA will be one of the trucks featured in the San Antonio episode of the Cooking Channel’s “Eat St.,” which also will film Rickshaw Stop, Say She Ate and Tapa Tapa Truck throughout the weekend. Viewers might get a peek into the secrets behind Society Bakery’s famous giant M&M cookies.

Muns talked about the process of opening a food truck, what flavors San Antonio loves and why she decided to keep business in the family.

When did you decide to open the truck?

December. I didn’t sign a contract until January, but it’d been something I’d been bouncing back and forth since summer of last year. Food trucks had been getting a lot of buzz and it seemed like a really cool, fun thing to be a part of. There are so many pros to owning a food truck versus a brick and mortar space — I couldn’t ignore it. I did more and more research and one thing led to another. I didn’t fall in love with the idea of having the truck in Dallas … it just didn’t work out. My grandma lives in San Antonio and we spend just about every holiday there. Alex, Vicki, Ed and I were sitting around at Christmas and I just threw it out there.

What was training like?

It was my mom and me training them and they’re great, really fast-learning. They’re all foodies in their own right. Vicki’s dad went to CIA (Culinary Institute of America) Hyde Park, so she’s used to being around high-level chefs. Alex is incredibly smart and a faster learner who supported himself working at restaurants and knows what a corporate joint wants from you. Uncle Ed has won trophies for his barbecue in Houston. It wasn’t hard to train them at all. I was learning as we went, too. You’re dealing with a lot of elements … there’s a learning curve.

What’s business been like so far?

We opened on March 30 at the Boardwalk and we would work Friday through Sunday. We didn’t really move the truck. Once we got more confident and daring, we started doing Spurs games during playoffs. It can be a little intimidating to take the truck out, but we got our feet wet. My mom also works the truck. She takes care of all the behind-the-scene stuff. I do the social media.

Have you had to adjust to the truck’s size?

There’s a full bakery in there. It gets really hot. We’ve learned to bake in the mornings and at night or else it would be too hot. We have two A/Cs in the truck which is a luxury, but we’re still pushing 100 degrees and more.

Are there any differences between Dallas and San Antonio clients?

Not really. They’re both adventurous. There’s a ton of excellent restaurants in Dallas and San Antonio that have already given both cities opportunities to taste unique things. In San Antonio, when we first opened, people were coming up with suggestions for the menu. We took a lot of those, including a salted caramel cupcake, that we went over and introduced to Dallas. The truck is kind of a test kitchen.

What are some favorites so far?

Salted caramel. The M&M cookies always sell out. You get a lot of cookie for your money. Italian Cream is a big seller; so is the peanut butter cupcake.

Any new flavors lined up?

We’re about to debut some during the Food Truck Throwdown at the Boardwalk. We’re also bringing some flavors that we do in Dallas that we haven’t introduced to San Antonio yet. I didn’t want to make my whole family quit!


Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/life/food/restaurants/article/Meet-Roshi-Muns-Society-Bakery-SA-3703175.php#ixzz20hhSZBaf

Society Bakery Food Network Appearance October 7th, 9:30 pm Central Time!

Society Bakery received one of those calls we will never forget this past Spring: Producer called and said “we are thinking about visiting Society Bakery for (Ace of Cakes) Duff Goldman’s new Food Network show called Sugar High“.    And guess what?!?!?  Awesome Duff and his class act crew came to the bakery!!!  Episode 1 of Sugar High premiered on the Food Network August 8th.  Society Bakery (and two other Dallas/Fort Worth establishments) were on episode 2 in August.  The Dallas/Fort Worth episode will re-air Friday, October 7th 9:30 pm.  Read below for information taken off of Food Network’s website:

Prepare for a Sugar High: Duff’s Sweet New Series

    Duff Goldman, best known as the pastry mastermind behind the popular Food Network show, Ace of Cakes, is exploring a sugary curiosity. His new show, Sugar High, takes him on a cross-country trek to capture the sweet secrets and tasty techniques that keep the cookies from crumbling in the top bakeries around the nation. Premiering August 8, this six-episode summer feature will showcase the best sweet spots. From diners and curbside snow-cone machines to food carts and boutique bakeries, Duff will prove that decadent desserts are anything but ordinary.

    Follow Duff as he stops for chilled bread pudding on the Venice boardwalk in California, pull up a seat at a roadhouse in Dallas for s’mores and have a slice of apple strudel in Chicago that is reminiscent of something you’d get in Europe. He also returns to down-home style with traditional rice pudding at a dessert boutique in Philadelphia.

    Want a closer look? Flip through Sugar High’s behind-the-scenes photos.

    Tune in: Monday, August 8 at 10:30 p.m. Eastern/ 9:30 p.m. Central

    Thank you for this review Oh Hey Dallas!

    What a review!!!  Thank you!

    Oh Hey Dallas Reviews Society Bakery

    Society Bakery


    Guess what I did?  I tried everything at Society Bakery. Yep, attention all you chubby chasers out there I got my hands on a treasure box full of treats from the glorious Society Bakery on Greenville Ave and in the spirit of honesty, IT WAS AWESOME!

    Being the committed blogger I am, I swore that I would take at least one bite (ok fine, maybe 2) of everything offered to me in order to give the best review I was capable of.  Don’t judge me, if someone handed you an enormous box of desserts you would take more than one bite of everything too-ESPECIALLY when the treats are as delectable as they are at Society Bakery.

    I almost passed out due to anxiety while driving home because I wanted to make sure these little fellas made it back without melting from the burn-your-flesh-off temperatures…or was it the overwhelming smell of sugar?  It doesn’t make a difference because we (yes, we) made it home safe and it was all I could do to not smash my entire face into the box like a 3-year-old.

    Although you would normally find me housing down a bag of Cheetos over a cupcake,  Society Bakery holds a very strong reputation and ever since I decided to review this lovely little spot I had been craving sugar like a diabetic.  Not being one that would ever generally pick chocolate over a salt lick, Society Bakery may have made me into a, dare I say, chocoholic!

    I would love to sit here and discuss each and every item and what I thought about them but honestly, for the first time since starting these reviews, I don’t have anything negative to say.  Of course I enjoyed some treats more over others but each was great in its own right.  So, lets go with just a *few* high-high-highlights of my rendezvous with Society Bakery!

    1) Chocolate Crostada.  I am a sucker for anything with a buttery, flaky crust and the crostada hits the mark.  As I mentioned before, I could usually care less about chocolate so it was shocking to me how hard I fell in love with this disk of perfection.  It has this light and airy texture that is wonderful for summer and although I have never had a crostada from anywhere else, something tells me it wouldn’t hold a candle to this gem.

    2) Apple Pie Cupcake. Generally I think cupcakes are mediocre at best and never something I would crave AND I really dont like apple pie.  Whenever thanksgiving comes around I eat the apple pie just so I can scrape out the apple gunk and eat the crust so I must say that I was not looking forward to this one.  Son of a… Not only has Society Bakery now turned me into a chocoholic but an apple pie lover as well.  How is this possible? I wish they had the ability to change my opinion on things perhaps a bit more critical such as wanting to go to the gym or caring about political matters. I digress. The cupcake is perfectly moist and is topped with a sugary frosting that is out of this world. THEN the frosting is topped with the aforementioned “apple gunk” which seems much more appetizing this time around.  The spiced apple pie filling balances out the sweet frosting to make a treat that is out of control delicious.

    3) Black and White Cupcake. This is what a cupcake should taste like, period.  An old-fashioned treat for the chocolate lover, the vanilla lover and everyone in between!  The black and white cupcake made myself and each of my taste testers roll our eyes into the back of our heads and say “Oh my goddddd” with a mouthful of frosting and cake that would make our mothers blush.  I wish every cupcake in the world tasted like this one.

    4) Brownie. Society Bakery’s website describes their brownies as “4×4 squares of heaven” and boy, were they right.  They are fudgy. And cakey. And smooth. And nutty. And chocolaty. And melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  I really don’t know what else to say besides the fact that you should hightail it to Greenville Ave immediately to pick one up.  Society Bakery not open at the time? It’s ok, I’m sure they won’t mind you taking a nap against the front door while you wait!

    5) Cookies. Somehow, someway, Society Bakery has mastered the art of making two cookies ONE.  I would wash dishes for years in order to find out how to make cookies this good.  They are literally layered just like if you baked the cookies halfway then stacked one on top of the other.  Even if they didn’t taste that great (which they DO) the sheer size of these guys is impressive.  Only one thing comes to mind while writing this and trying to describe my feelings towards these delicious mating treats and that is “hom nom nom nom nom” as so eloquently put by Cookie Monster himself. I was able to try the M&M flavor as well as the traditional chocolate chip but my curiosity has left me wondering if my personal fav, snicker-doodle, ever graces the shelves of Society Bakery ….

    6) Peppermint Whoopie Pie. Whoa. Just whoa. It may be 150 degrees outside but its Christmas in my mouth.  I can hear Santa’s sleigh and everything.  Eating this was like taking a mini vacation to Winter time and I greatly appreciated that.  It’s not too minty, not too sweet and following the common theme of Society Bakery it seems to have been meticulously test in order to deliver pure perfection.  My family decided that these puppies were going to have to make an appearance on our holiday table but there is no way in hell I’ll be able to wait that long to chow down on another one of these!

    How are you still reading this? You should already be at Society Bakery or at least well on your way.  You can’t go wrong with any of their delicious treats.  Even though I just highlighted my favorites I must give an honorable mention to the carrot cake cupcake, vanilla petit four, triple chocolate cupcake, lemon square and the frosting on the chocolate peanut butter cupcake. WOWZA. Run, don’t walk to this subtly sweet neighborhood favorite!

    Until next time,

    Peace, Love, Calories.

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